Our Story

In 2015, I started cooperation with the American organization BLOOM, which organized hosting programs for children from orphanages and foster families to the USA. The children stayed for 4-5 weeks in American families, they learned English, they got to know American culture, food, tradition. But the most important experience with which children came back was see how well-functioning family should be. In those families were respect, support, love, but also duties. During the first trip I saw how children change after a few days spent in families. How they became happier, more confident themselves, calmer, more interesting of the world around them. As I saw the first photos sent by the host families, I could not bear tears. I could not believe that only a few days, surrounded by kind, supportive children, can make such big change. I heard the most accurate observation from a lady who works in the kitchen in one orphanage in Łódź. She said that the children went gray to hosting program and came back colorful. Some of hosting families are in touch with children whom invited to USA. They are friendly families for them and try to support them despite the thousands of kilometers that separate them

About year ago, Agata, who was at the one of the hosting program, wrote to me on Messenger that she is afraid to leave the orphanage and start an independent life. Then I realized how difficult it is for the abandoned children to start an adult life. Without the support of mum, dad, grandmother or extended family. Then I started thinking how to help Agata, and right after that came the thought of how to help other children who I met on the occasion of hosting programs to USA and also others I do not know yet. Hence the idea of founding a foundation to help just older children standing at the threshold of their maturity. More attention is focused on small children, and these almost adult children are forgotten. My husband and daughter supported me very much in the efforts to found a foundation. Well, I succeeded. The Foundation exists formally. Our dream is to transfer the idea of hosting trips to Poland. We dream of families who want, like American families, to devote time to them, set a good example, inspire them to pursue their dreams, add faith in their abilities and protect them from duplicating patterns taken from biological homes.

In addition to searching for families that could be mentors for them/friendly families, we want to support these children who entering adulthood (or young people?) financially so that they can develop their talents through additional activities, organize courses and trainings for them to raise their sense of belief, to believe in their opportunities to acquire skills that will help them find a job, a good job. We want to offer them psychological and medical help, if necessary.

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